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My Nutrient Doctor was founded in Australia. In many countries like Australia, vitamin and mineral supplements can be attained easily from supermarkets to pharmacies. The huge multitude of options would stump even trained healthcare professionals. Many of these supplements contain ingredients that do not confer any health benefits. Some do.

So, we are here to work with you to create your personalised nutritional supplements – only what you need, not more, not less. Everyone is different, we understand that, so we do not adopt the “one-size-fits-all” policy.

As doctors, we frequently come across patients who consume unnecessary nutritional supplements. There is a certain danger lurking behind such a culture. Consuming excessive amounts of some supplements may cause toxicity to the body. 

Our Hippocratic oath guides us to non-maleficence: to do no harm. Here, we will guide you to the most appropriate nutritional supplements, only from evidence based practices. This may mean that most of the time, we will advise you that you do not need any additional supplements.

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